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External Battery Pack for Biometric Safes

The Safe External Battery Pack provides a quick way to access your Barska Biometric Safe in the event that the batteries go out. Simply plug in the Eternal Battery Pack to the bottom of the Biometric Fingerprint Module and use your registered fingerprints to access the safe and change the batteries. Use of the External Battery Pack will not reset the fingerprints that have already been stored in the Biometric Module. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.

Compatible with Barska Biometric Safe Models:

  • AX11224 Standard Biometric Safe
  • AX11620 Compact Biometric Safe
  • AX11650 Large Biometric Safe
  • AX11652 Four Rifle Biometric Safe
  • AX11898 Large Biometric Rifle Safe
  • AX11780 Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe
  • AX11556 Top Opening Biometric Safe
  • AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe
  • AX12408 Large Biometric Wall Safe