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iBOX - Dual Biometric Storage Solution

The new iBOX Dual Biometric Secure Storage Solution is an innovative portable device that allows users to quickly store and retrieve important valuables at the touch of a finger. The lightweight compact size of the iBOX allows for easy storage and transportation, making the iBOX ideal for home, office, or travel. The interior volume measures 410 cubic inches, providing more than enough storage room for jewelry, money, passports, small electronics, and important documents.

An automated single-point locking system senses when a finger is placed on the scanner, which allows the user to access the iBOX in about one second. Once the user closes the lid, the iBOX will automatically lock itself, ensuring that the iBOX will always be locked and closed when not in use. The iBOX also features a low battery warning system, which will alert the owner if the batteries are getting low. 

Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology uses the unique patterns in each individual's fingerprints as a means of accessing a safe, and the innovative BioSecure technology present in the iBOX Biometric Storage Device is capable of identifying an authorized user's fingerprint in under a second. This advanced technology allows the user to access their valuables inside the iBOX without having to locate a key or remember a combination. The BioSecure system uses your fingerprint as the key, ensuring that only you and other users who have programmed their fingerprint into the database can access the safe. 

Industry First - Dual Access Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Device

The iBOX was specially designed with a dual independent biometric sensor with advanced BioSecure technology. The biometric sensor allows the user to quickly access the contents inside without needing a traditional key or combination. Two master users may be registered into the iBOX's database, and these master users may register up to 120 different fingerprints with the iBOX. The Biosecure Module Prism is constructed with a protective synthetic glass that allows for continually accurate scanning throughout the lifetime of the product.

Auto Recognition and Power Saving

The energy-saving automatic motion sensor instantly detects when a finger is placed upon the scanner for quicker access to the contents inside. Traditional biometric safes feature an initialization button that must be pressed in order to scan a fingerprint. The motion sensor of the iBOX bypasses this step which results in a quicker opening time.

Lightweight, Compact, and Durable Design

Portability is the main strong point of the iBOX. The dimensions of the iBOX make it compact enough to be stored in a desk drawer, and light enough to be used for on-the-go transportation. The portable iBOX is ideal for securely storing valuables at home, in the office, or during travel. A protective carpet lining helps prevent external damage to the items inside while the iBOX is being transported.

User Fingerprint Registration

When you first receive the iBOX, the Biometric Scanner will be in demo mode. This means that any fingerprint will be able to open up the iBOX. The user must register their own fingerprint into the iBOX's database in order to take the product out of demo mode. A small registration button is located within the iBOX, and once it is pressed the user can register their fingerprint into the database by placing and holding their fingerprint on the Biometric Scanner until the fingerprint registers. It is recommended that the user store multiple fingers into the database at varying angles to ensure a fully accurate reading each time they access the iBOX. The biometric database of the iBOX can store up to 120 unique fingerprints, and requires the main user to be present in order to add additional fingerprints.