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Hard Cases, Jewelry Cases, and Cosmetic Cases from Sure Safes

Sure Safes carries a large variety of Barska protective storage cases for a wide range of products.The Loaded Gear line of protective hard cases come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate everything from cameras to rifles, and utilize a system of perforated cubed foam to allow for a custom storage compartment that is shaped to the item inside. For jewelry and cosmetic products, Sure Safes offers the Cheri Bliss line of protective cases that feature many internal compartments for storing makeup and jewelry. Whatever your storage needs are, Sure Safes will have a secure storage solution to keep your belongings organized.

Hard Cases

The new HD series of watertight hard cases by Loaded Gear feature edge-to-edge crushproof protection for storing and transporting equipment. The dual-use design of these protective strong cases is ideal for both protecting valuables during outdoor activities and securing professional equipment for transport. All Loaded Gear HD military cases are designed and manufactured to high military specifications to protect valuable equipment in rugged conditions. With an o-ring providing airtight seal, the HD Series of protective hard cases prevents moisture damage to sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, cameras, video recorders, and more. A pressure equalization valve allows the case to adjust to different atmospheric pressures while retaining its waterproof capabilities. Two solid locking latches keep the watertight seal secured during use, ensuring that no water or moisture comes into contact with the items inside.

Rifle Cases

Sure Safes carries a large selection of hard rifle cases from Loaded Gear that have been designed to provide excellent protection for your firearm during transport and storage. These protective hard cases come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different sizes and models of rifles, and feature customizable perforated cubed foam and egg crate foam for premium protection.With the exception of the double-sided AX-400 case, each rifle case comes with built-in rollers and a pull handle designed to make transporting heavy equipment easier.

Jewelry Cases

Sure Safes carries the complete line of Cheri Bliss Jewelry Cases. These attractive storage cases are perfect for safely storing and organizing jewelry. Inside of each Cheri Bliss jewelry case is a variety of compartments in different sizes that are designed to accommodate different types and sizes of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. These individual jewelry compartments are lined with a soft protective material that helps prevent scratches to the valuables within.

Cosmetic Cases

Keep beauty essentials stored and organized with the Cheri Bliss line of cosmetic cases available from Sure Safes. These stylish cosmetic cases feature a variety of organizational compartments designed to store makeup, brushes, lotions, and more. Each cosmetic case by Cheri Bliss comes with a lock and keys to help protect and secure the products.

Travel Cases

For securing and protecting valuable equipment while on the go, Sure Safes carries the Loaded Gear HD-500 (BH11864) and HD-600 (BH11866) protective travel cases. These travel hard cases feature an extendable travel handle and reinforced wheels that have been designed to withstand typical travel abuse while protecting the contents inside. The customizable foam inside of these travel cases protects sensitive equipment from shock and sudden impact.