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Barska Dehumidifiers from Sure Safes

Sure Safes carries Barska dehumidifiers that have been designed to prevent long-term moisture damage to sensitive items such as paper documents, currency, ammunition, and jewelry. These dehumidifiers absorb moisture out of the surrounding air and retain it in specialized moisture-absorbing beads within the dehumidifier, which prevents the spread of mold and mildew. Once the beads have reached their maximum moisture retaining capacity, the dehumidifier can be "recharged" in order to clear the moisture from the beads. Depending on the dehumidifier model, the recharge process is done by placing it in a microwave or plugging it into an electrical outlet.

Dehumidifiers and Recharge Methods

  • Barska Dehumidifier Bag AF12500 - Recharges within 4 minutes in a 600w microwave
  • Barska Rechargable Dehumidifier AF12826 - Recharges in 12 hours in traditional wall electical outlet