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DOJ Approved Safes

Sure Safes carries a whole line of biometric safes and fire vaults that have been approved by the California Department of Justice as a firearm safe. This means that the safe has undergone strict testing to ensure that it cannot be broken into or tampered with, and has passed the strictest DOJ testing in the country. A DOJ certification from the state of California will qualify for all the requirements for all 50 states. With a DOJ approved safe from Sure Safes, you can be sure that your valuables will remain secured and only accessible to authorized users.

California DOJ Testing

To get certified as an approved firearms storage and to ensure that the customer is receiving the highest quality safe available, these safes have been sent to the California Department of Justice to undergo a series of tests to qualify as a firearms safe. These tests are designed to look for flaws in the safe's construction, and identify any weak points that someone could take advantage of to gain unauthorized access to the safe. Pry tests are conducted to make sure that the safe door cannot be opened by placing tools through gaps in the safe door. Safes are put through a drop test to ensure that the internal mechanisms stay intact and keep the safe locked. The locks on each safe are also tested to make sure that they cannot be easily picked.

Choosing The Right DOJ Approved Safe

With a large variety of DOJ approved safes available from Sure Safes, it is important to review the different kinds of safes in order to select the correct product. The following questions have been designed to help you find the most appropriate DOJ approved safe for your needs.

What type of valuables will you be storing? Since Barska DOJ safes come in a variety of sizes, it is important to consider the size and quantity of the items to be stored. For example, for small electronics, medicine, handguns, money, and other small valuables, the Compact Biometric Safe (AX11620) or the Standard Biometric Safe (AX11224) would best fit your needs. If you are looking to store firearms within your DOJ approved safe, you will want to check the safe's storage capacity listed in each item's description. Rifle safe capacity varies from 4 rifles in our Four Rifle Biometric Safe (AX11652) all the way up to 45 rifles in the FV-3000 Fire Vault (AX12220).

Top Selling DOJ Approved Safes:

  • Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe - AX11780
  • Four Rifle Biometric Safe - AX11652
  • Standard Biometric Safe - AX11224
  • Compact Biometric Safe - AX11620
  • FV-1000 Fire Vault - AX11780
Biometric Rifle Safes

A number of DOJ approved safes from Sure Safes feature an advanced biometric fingerprint scanning device that uses a fingerprint as a form of key to access the safe. This BioSecure feature allows the user to quickly access the contents inside by simply placing their finger on the scanner, which will then unlock the safe if the fingerprint is recognized as a preregistered print. The biometric scanner is capable or storing multiple fingerprints in a database, allowing multiple users to be registered in a single safe. Each DOJ approved biometric safe comes with a pair of traditional keys that can be used as a back-up method of accessing the safe.

DOJ Approved Fire Vaults

If you are looking for secure fireproof protection for your firearms with an approved DOJ rating, look no further than the Barska FV Series of Fire Vaults. These large rifle vaults feature a solid steel construction with fireproof gypsum board to deliver complete fireproof protection for your valuables. These fire vaults are available in 14, 30, and 45 rifle position sizes, and feature a protective carpet lining in the interior of the safe to protect the stored valuables from scratches. Large solid-steel locking deadbolts secure the vault's door at multiple points, ensuring that only authorized users can gain access to the safe. These DOJ approved fire vaults use a digital key pad that retains one PIN code to access the safe, and come with two traditional back-up keys as an alternative access method.