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Large Barska Safes from Sure Safes

A large safe provides additional storage room that can accommodate multiple valuables and larger objects. Many different models of large safes are available from Sure Safes, ranging from advanced biometric fingerprint scanning safes to quick-access digital keypad safes. These large safes help deter theft and tampering with pry-resistant doors and solid steel locking deadbolts. Select large Barska safes also comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware that allows the user to securely anchor their safe to a solid surface.

Large Biometric Rifle Safes

Many households have a firearm for personal and family protection. Keeping this firearm secured is a top priority, and if it is needed in an emergency situation it should be readily accessible. Biometric rifle safes provide the best of both worlds by keeping guns and rifles properly secured while allowing quick access at a moments notice. When seconds count, a biometric rifle safe allows the user to quickly access their firearm within seconds with the simple touch of a finger. The advanced biometric module on these safes scans the fingerprint and then compares it to registered fingerprints in the database within seconds. If the fingerprint is recognized, the safe will open and the firearms can be accessed.

Large Fire Vaults

Large collections of firearms are a considerable investment that require long-term protection. Having a large Fire Vault for your collection ensures its protection from theft and potential house fires. These Fire Safe Vaults have been designed to provide the highest level of security for your firearms with a strong steel and composite fire retardant insulation that can provide up to an hour of fireproof protection. Large solid-steel deadbolts secure the vault door in several positions to provide complete protection to the contents within.

Top Selling Large Safes and Vaults

  • Four Rifle Biometric Safe - AX11652
  • Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe - AX11780
  • Large Biometric Rifle Safe - AX11898
  • FV-500 Digital Keypad FIre Vault - AX12674
  • Large Biomeric Safe - AX11650
Barska FV-500 Fire Vault from Sure Safes

The Barska FV-500 (AX12674) provides 3.45 cubic feet of fireproof storage in a solid steel housing with fire retardant gypsum board for additional protection from flames. The FV-500 features 2 movable shelves that can be adjusted to the users liking, and are covered in a protective carpet to prevent scratching on the stored valuables. A 3-point solid steel locking deadbolt system and pry-resistant door help secure the contents inside from theft and tampering.

Large Digital Keypad Safes

Sure Safes offers a large selection of large quick-access digital keypad safes for many applications. Digital keypad safes allow the user to quickly access the contents within by inputing a registered PIN code into the safe rather than fumbling with keys or combination locks. Digital keypads also allow multiple authorized users access to the safe without needing to duplicate or exchange keys. Sure Safes offers many kinds of large digital keypad safes, including depository safes, fireproof vaults, and biometric keypad safes.