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Professional Office Safes and Lock Boxes

Sure Safes offers a variety of safes and lock boxes designed to secure important office valuables such as money, keys, and important documents. Each office safe and lock box has been designed to provide superior protection to the contents inside, and feature a variety of locking methods designed to keep valuables secured. These locking methods include traditional key locks, combination locks, and quick-access digital keypads. With such a wide range of depository safes, key cabinets, and cash boxes, there is no shortage of office-related security solutions available from Sure Safes.

Professional Cash Boxes

Sure Safes offers a complete line of portable cash boxes from Barska. These cash boxes come in a variety of sizes, and are the perfect accessory for storing money during fundraisers and other events. Most Barska cash boxes feature a pull-out tray that can be used to organize coin and small bills, and have space underneath to keep rolled coins, receipts, or larger denomination bills. A sheet steel construction ensures that the cash boxes cannot be tampered with and helps secure the valuables inside. Select models of portable cash lock boxes are available with either a traditional lock and key or a combination lock. Each Barska cash box features a useful recessed fold down carrying handle for enhanced portability.

Key Cabinets from Barska

When dealing with hundreds of keys, it can seem like a daunting task to find the correct one. Each key cabinet available from Sure Safes comes with either colored key tags, numbered key tags, or a key log for recording the purpose of each key. Larger cabinets, such as the 400 and 600 Position Key Cabinet, come with both colored key tags and multiple key logs. These colored key tags feature a removable label strip that allows the user to label each key for easy identification.

Office Depository Safes

Sure Safes offers an extensive line of premium Depository Safes that have been designed to provide protection to important documents at home or in the office. These professional-grade depository safes are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller multi-purpose drop boxes to larger keypad safes, such as the DX-200 (AX12558) and the larger DX-300 (AX12590).  Each Barska Deposit Safe is constructed using high quality steel and feature either a digital or traditional key lock in order to provide maximum protection to the contents inside.

Top-Selling Office Safes and Lock Boxes
  • 400 Position Key Cabinet - CB12490
  • DX-300 Depository Safe - AX12590
  • 600 Position Key Cabinet - CB12700
  • Medium Cash Box with Key Lock - CB11832
  • Small Breakable Emergency Key Box - AX11838
Emergency Key Boxes

Many companies would benefit from having an important key that could be easily accessed during an emergency. Two models of Emergency Key Boxes with breakable glass are available from Sure Safes. These key boxes are used to store important keys and can be accessed routinely with a traditional key lock. However, if an emergency situation should arise, any user can use the attached hammer to break the small tempered glass window and retrieve the key. These types of emergency key boxes are ideal for warehouses and can be used to store the keys to important equipment. In the event that a piece of equipment needs to be shut down immediately, the necessary key can be retrieved from the emergency key box by breaking through the tempered glass. Sure Safes also carries replacement glass in large and small sizes for these emergency lock boxes.