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Quick Access Safes by Barska

Sure Safes carries a wide range of quick-access safes from Barska, ranging from fingerprint scanning biometric safes to digital keypad safes that utilize a PIN code. Having the ability to quickly access important items while maintaining security is a top priority for many consumers searching for a safe, which is why Sure Safes has assembled a collection of the most reliable quick access safes on the market. These quick-access safes range in size and function, so be sure to look over the features for each safe to determine which Barska quick access safe is right for you.

Quick Access Biometric Safes

Barska biometric safes are the ultimate in quick access security solutions for the home and office. Secure and access your valuables in seconds with the simple scan of a fingerprint. With Barska biometric safes you will no longer have to waste time looking for your keys of entering a combination, all you need to access your safe is your fingerprint. Barska biometric fingerprint scanners are the highest resolution and most advanced in the safe industry. The Biometric safe fingerprint image sensor uses an optical sensor to create a bio algorithm (encrypted Image) of your fingerprint and stores this image to memory to access the safe. The Biometric sensor uses advanced industry leading algorithm-mapping technology to read your fingerprint to unlock the safe.

Quick Access Digital Safes

Sure Safes offers a full line of quick access digital safes in a variety of configurations. Digital keypad safes allow the user to quickly access the contents inside with the simple input of a PIN code. This eliminates the need to locate a key or deal with a more complicated combination lock, allowing an authorized user to access the lock box within seconds. Unlike traditional keys, multiple authorized users can access the digital keypad safe at any time without the need for locating a key or retrieving the key from another user. Digital keypad lock boxes are simple, reliable, and allow the user to program their own PIN code into the database.

Top Selling Quick Access Safes

  • Standard BIometric Safe - AX11224
  • HQ100 Biometric Keypad Safe - AX12476
  • Compact Digital Keypad Safe - AX12616
  • Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe - AX11652
  • Extra Large BIometric RIfle Safe - AX11780
Quick Access Safes vs. Traditional Key Safes

Quick access safes provide the user with a faster method of opening a safe than traditional key safes. With traditional safes, a key needed to be retrieved in order to gain access to the contents inside. With quick-access safes from Sure Safes, all that is needed is a PIN code or a fingerprint to be inputted in order to open the safe. PIN codes and biometric scanners allow multiple authorized users access to the safes contents without each user needing a key. Instead, a PIN code can be given to the user or their fingerprint can be registered into the biometric database. Quick access digital keypad and biometric safes do feature a traditional key lock as well as a back-up form of access.

Biometric Keypad Safes

The HQ Series of quick access safes offers the unique feature of having both a biometric scanner and a digital keypad built into the safe module. This gives the user the option of using their fingerprint or inputting a PIN code to access the safe. If an authorized user needs to access the safe but does not have their fingerprint registered into the database, they can still gain access with the PIN code. The HQ Biometric Keypad safes also come with two traditional back-up keys.