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Rifle Cases from Loaded Gear

Sure Safes carries a large selection of hard rifle cases from Loaded Gear that have been designed to provide excellent protection for your firearm during transport and storage. These protective hard cases come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different sizes and models of rifles.

Customizable Cubed Foam

Most Rifle Hard Case comes with perforated cubed foam that can be customized to secure a wide range of shapes and sizes of rifles, adding protection from shock and impact. To customize the foam shape, place the firearm on top of the crate and then trace it with chalk or marker. Next, remove the foam within the traced area to reveal a perfectly shaped compartment for your rifle. Traditional egg crate foam is also included to help protect the firearms during storage and travel.

Top Selling Protective Rifle Cases

  • AX-600 Hard Rifle Case - BH12160
  • AX-100 Hard Rifle Case - BH11950
  • AX-300 Hard Rifle Case - BH11980
  • AX-500 Hard Rifle Case - BH12158
  • AX-400 Double-Sided Case - BH11982

AX-500 and AX-600 Rifle Cases

The new AX-500 and AX-600 Tactcal Rifle Case by Loaded Gear provides solid protection in it's crushproof polypropylene casing. The AX-500 and 600 features an o-ring seal to keep water and moisture out of the case and away from the rifle and accessories. Both of these hard rifle cases come equipped with a pressure equalizing purge valve that can be opened to adjust the pressure on the inside of the case in the event that it is transported to higher or lower elevations. This protective case also has two built-in roller wheels that allow the user to easily pull the case when traveling over smooth surfaces. Additionally, there are two reinforced locking points on the case that allow the user to safely secure the contents inside.